4 *#*! Myths about Losing Weight

Lies about Nutrition and Truth about Weight Loss

Myth 1: You can eat anything and never exercise and lose weight! 

Now you know that’s too good to be true, too easy and just doesn’t make sense. But we want an easy way out of all our problems. Me too! I’ve taken more than a handful of those pills. The only one skinny is Dr. Oz. Even the Jennie Craig spokes person keeps changing because she puts the weight back on.


We are designed to move, to work, just like every other animal, to find our food. If God didn’t make it, don’t eat it. (God did not make bread, or popsicles, or high fructose corn syrup)

 Myth 2: The right Diet pill will help you take it off …

But diet pills work, do they? But could they sell them if they didn’t work? They aren’t allowed to lie. Really? Who is going to stop them. Supplements are not regulated, forget the FDA and if it isn’t a prescription, no one cares.


Some supplements can be helpful, however … if it claims, you will lose a pound a day… no, they lie, and it would not be good for you if you did. Rapid weight loss reduces fluids and muscle mass as well as fat but the fat comesw back easy, the muscle you have to rebuild… remember that exercise thing we are trying to avoid. If it promises to reduce your appetite… who cares, when was the last time you were actually hungry? Fact is sugar and excess carbs interfere with our natural hunger, full sensations. You eat a cookie… doesn’t matter how much you’ve eaten, you want another one.

Diet supplement work in the short run, most also require a restricted eating plan. Your body adjusts, and you stop losing. You get discouraged. You lose interest in the foods you can eat and become focused on what you can’t eat. You give up. Failure and frustration pull you into the down of yo-yo dieting and you gain it all back, plus.

Myth 3: The Food Pyramid you learned in school is a healthy way to eat

No. It will make you fat! This diagram is from the USDA.Food pyramid

6-11 servings of bread, cereal, grains! There isn’t anything in this that we can eat in its natural form. We just don’t have the teeth to grind grains. Cows do, deer, buffalo …. but not people.

Then at the tip is fat. Use sparingly, after all fat will make you fat. Wait, your brain is made of fat. Every cell in your body has a cell wall made of… fat! Fat is the natural energy food for humans. But not all fat is created equal. That can be said in every food group… carbs, fats, proteins and to that we should add sub-groups of fiber, vitamins and minerals.


A clean, organic diet has no processed foods (all those grains, and sugar just about everything from ice cream to canned veggies). Read the label. Clean means no additives, no sugar, no GMO, no preservatives or dies or flavor enhancers or hydro-anything. Other countries don’t allow toxic, addictive additives in their food. Why do we?

Clean, organic includes beef and chicken and eggs, and fish. But not pork. Clean is all the veggies, the more color the better. And fruits… whole, fresh, raw.

Dairy? Cow’s milk is for baby cows. Enough people have consequence from dairy, lactose intolerance, IBS, arthritis to say no, it is just not a good idea. Toss this one out of the pyramid altogether!

Eggs however are a universal food from snakes to dogs to people. Again, organic free-range eggs.

When it come to sources of meat and eggs. The animal too must have lived a clean, and healthy lifestyle. Containment farming makes meat affordable, but healthy, not so much.

Get sugar and all process food out of your diet. Add good fats (virgin olive oil, grapeseed and coconut oil), your body will stop storing fat (fat is created from the sugar, carbohydrates are digested into sugar!). The body start burning fat for energy… first from the food you just ate. Then, you guessed it, the fat in your cells becomes fuel for the power house of you.

Myth 4: You can’t help it, you are genetically inclined to be stocky, voluptuous

Yeah, well there is a tiny bit of truth here. More than once I have claimed to have famine proof genes. And yes, you may have a metabolism that would up the odds of survival. But it is you, what you think and do, that determines how and even if your genetics manifest.

But in away, you can’t help it and it is certainly not your fault. Everyone makes mistakes. Nutritional experts got it wrong. I don’t know why the USDA is still putting out misinformation when we plainly know better. Eggs are good, so is butter and even ice cream if you make it yourself with clean ingredients. We have been misinformed for so long it has become cultural. Why? Follow the money.

Truth: You can help yourself

Knowledge is a tool for success. When you understand you can make educated decisions knowing why and what are the consequences of a decision.  If that ice cream sundae is making you miserable, knowing that you will bing on sugar, maybe even for a week or more, and that your boold sugar will go up, and you will bloat up with gas… we know what is the good choice but still there will be times when you push the fact aside and do what you crave. This is human not failure.

The only failure, it a failure to keep on trying. Yes, I know it gets old. We are tired of these high maintenance bodies. We want one that takes care of its self.

A new you, what a great idea and we can win this time. A habit of learning, trying new things, engaging with people of like mind will empower you. We need each other: to lift each other when we are down, to fill in the blanks when we are confused, to make us accountable for our actions before the consequences become something we can’t live with.

I’m sure you have questions, opinions and experiences. Sharing is a way of supporting each other, please enter your thoughts and if you want to contact me… catherine@lose-weight-feel-great.com



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