Meet Catherine

      My name is Catherine Costello

Who I am …

If I had invested all the money I’ve spent on books and diets, I would most certainly be richer but no wiser. It is hard to sort the fads and misinformation from the useful kernels of truth. That is what I hope to help you with. I have certification in whole health education, and life coaching and family systems theory, so I know the psychology of why we react, I know the nutritional needs of the body and realize that has an every changing knowledge base. The latest diet fad will fade with a newer scheme and there is a lot of misinformation out there. Above everything, I may know or do are basic personality traits … I’m curious and I am analytical and sometimes a skeptic. I know how to teach. I want so share knowledge and empower you in a quick and painless way. I am a Reiki master and an ordained minister serving a rural church in NC. My life is people, all sorts of people. Each of us beautiful in some way and each of us broken just the same. Each of us knows stuff. We might know what is good for us but that does not mean we will do what is good for us. So getting healthy is about more than food, it is about you

Who I am not …

It seems that everybody is an expert. There is too much stuff to wade through and everyone claims they have “the answer.” Weight loss is an American obsession and we are losing the battle. There are a lot of things going on around us that contribute to our struggles with weight and health.

So no, I’m not an expert. I don’t have and MD or PhD. But I am with you in the struggle to figure it out and once and for all have normal health body.

Nothing you find here or anywhere on the internet should replace the doctor’s of someone you trust. Most people are not able to lose weight. America is getting fatter and your doctor can not fix that, he or she can give a pill to help control the consequences of excess weight on the body, but only you can fix you.

The Sad Truth

The magic pill doesn’t exist. One plan doesn’t fit all. But you know that, stll we want it to be simple and easy. But that is not real. The mirror is real! So we need to overcome the past, embrace the now and move forward to where you want and need to be in your life with the body that will get you there.

Each of us comes with baggage… difficult experiences, weakness, habits, attitudes, biases.  Some are compassionate, others make people laugh. We can be stubborn, determined, persistent.  It all comes down to this… you uniquely you.

Diet, it begins with d-i-e and when you are doing one of those eat this and not this diet plans it may feel like you’re going to die. If you could just lose a bit of weight and get back to normal. But normal is fat and everyone has a diet, a life style, a way of thinking about food. That is what we need to adjust, in a way that we are happy to live with it for the rest of our lives. So I want you to explore. Then come back to things that resonate with you and along the way you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts as we get to know each other.

Losing weight, getting healthy and feeling great is not a one and done activity. If you do it and then go back to your old self you inevitably return your prior weight and health issues. So this is more of a new hobby, a challenge, how can I give my body what it needs and give my brain what it wants and be happy. The last one is actually first and foremost … we want to be happy.

What’s Here for You

We want to feel good and be happy. Health is essential.

  • You need real answers to why you have not lost the weight and why you struggle and why you hurt.
  • You need practical solutions you can live with for the rest of your life.

I offer you information:

  • On nutrition, how your body processes the things you eat and what it is doing to you.
  • We will discuss specific supplements, there is a lot of hype out there. We all fall for it in our quest to conquer this problem of weight and health.
  • We will explore diet plans and review the popular plans … what works and why they don’t.
  • We all need tips; kitchen magic and recipes; moving and that nasty word “exercise”; and encouragement… we all need a little help from our friends.
  • This is a mind and body makeover. We need to understand the brain connection. How to over come habits and take out trashy beliefs that keep us stuck.

Tell me the things you want to know and experiences you have had. Ask and I’ll try and find the answer. And if you need one-on-one coaching: accountability and practical plans to achieve your goals we can do that too.

You can always contact me at I look forward to hearing from you as we work together towards your “better me.”


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