Why Bother?

If you’ve been on and off again diets, an endless cycle … you need something new, something that has a chance of success this time. Maybe you keep it off for awhile, maybe the pounds you lost, find you again all too soon. It is discouraging and you want so bad to just give in, why bother? To be happy like these folks!

Beginning is easy. Sticky to is anything but easy. But then here you are so there is desire, hope, this time will be different.  So let’s talk about why. Why struggle to change your body? Not only why bother but why this time will be different.


Each of us has many reasons for wanting to be healthy, and bluntly put, carrying excessive fat is not healthy and we will touch on that in a minute. But more on the emotional level is the desire to be accepted, to have authority, influence, respect… there is a stigma associated with being overweight. I know this all to well. We want to be desirable. Sex is a great motivator and yes, it would be great if fat was sexy. There is also self-esteem, we want to feel good about our selves and we just want to feel good and be happy.

Emotions can get us started but usually aren’t sustainable. We lose the edge and immediate gratification wins.

One of the greatest motivators is pain. If you eat something and your stomach gurgles, convulses with pain and you start spewing in the nearest trash can, chances are you won’t eat that again!

Too bad we don’t have immediate consequences to junk food, toxic food and too much food. But you will have pain, eventually.

Eat, Drink … and oh my, not so merry

To every action is a reaction. It’s the law. You eat. A few possibilities exist…

  1. you need the fuel right away, sugar-carbs, so your body uses what you just ate
  2. you don’t need all these carbs right now, your body stores it as fat
  3. your body doesn’t know what the heck you just ate, but it wasn’t food, so what to do with it?
  4. your body distributes the nutrients to maintain all your complex systems

Not an inclusive list but you get the idea. We need good, clean, nutrients to fuel our bodies. But that is not always what we put in. We like sweets and soda and we don’t pay attention to things like dye and flavoring and preservative or whether it has transfats or GMOs. Who cares if it’s free-range or grass fed? Doesn’t the FDA take care of all that for us? Sadly no. Big bussiness, profit motivates the products on our shelves. It is up to each of us to take responisibility for our lives.

There are only a few choices for how your body responds use it, store it, excrete it. We are clever complex beings. Marvelous made, really, and the body tries to use what you give it, even if it is not the best. And sometimes when the body doesn’t know what do with some chemical, additive and such AND it can’t get rid of it for whatever reason, like your liver or kidneys are over loaded or just unable to filter out the demon. So your body stores it! It hides that demon in all sorts of sneaky places like your muscles and joints. Crud. An accurate enough term. Crud builds up. People use Detox programs to get the crud out. That isn’t going to work so well if you don’t stop putting cruddy junk in.

The first obstacle to weight loss is to get rid of a lifetime of crud.


Arthritis, muscle and joint pain – the body is trying to move the crud out but inflammation happens because it can’t.

Back, hip, knee problems from the stress of too much weight and poor posture.

Heart disease – bad fats stick around creating plaque deposits

High Blood Pressure not only attributes to heart disease but kidney deterioration and also affects your vision.

Autoimmune diseases, allergies, intestinal issues, fungal problems are assisted by high sugar, bad fats, toxic additives in our diet. Well that’s a short list, it doesn’t sound like anything to be concerned about.  Go deeper. Autoimmune diseases – Lupus, MS, fibromyalgia, cancer, eczema. Allergies- itchy – sneeze, migraines, sinus infections, hives. Intestinal issues – IBS, Crohn’s, flatulence, constipation, diarrea. Fungus? Toe nails from an over growth of canidia, yeast infestions. Now these maladies are not mutually exclusive! IBS and Chron’s are considered to be arthritic conditions. Arthritis is the body’s allergic reaction to a foreign substance. And around we go. You see, you are not a collection of independent organs. You are one person and all of it is connected.

So your mission, should you choose to accept it, is this …write down your goals. What you want and why do you want it?

I have mine as sticky note on my desktop. I want to be Rx free, pain free, feel good and look good. How about you?

What is your story?


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